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Educators Who Know What To Do

Educators Who Know What To Do

A collaboration with Dr. CathyO.(TM) and    other    experts     in education. Early childhood natural teaching expert, native of SC, and a graduate of HBCU Claflin University who mapped out Natural Teaching.  

Using the child’s environment and natural surroundings for  learning and educational discoveries. 

The focus is on bringing parents and  guardians  back  into  the equation  of  educating  their children. This is not nature based.

This resource is for the entire community, other educators, all administrators, professionals, children centers, and concerned citizens. The expert speak truth from   experiences  and  most importantly give solutions one can put in place today. 

For clips of the process and progression check out: subscribe on all social media, views on social media under natural teaching, NowChildWhisperer, and familysuccessassociationinc. 
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