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5 benefits of volunteering as a family

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

As children grow from toddlers to little curious personalities, volunteering meets the need of bonding as a family unit. This is vital to form prior to teen years. Don't take bonding likely when it comes to forming those intimate connections. I remember taking my three stairsteps to a senior citizen home. I wanted to teach them about 'old folks.' So one Thanksgiving before we sat down for our meal, we loaded them up and stopped at the closest home. It was wonderful to see pinched cheeks and tussled hair. What was more important than that was the questions asked around our Thanksgiving table. It made us truly thankful that year and the years that followed. So, the first benefit is the continual bond building within your family. Therefore, whether it's a senior's home, raking leaves for an ill person, or helping to stock cans at a rescue kitchen, building the bond is important.

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